Gombás Kriszti – Ghosts of the Past

Running from the terrible past? What is it to really love somebody? Can you still be in love, when you find out horrible things about the person, you’ve spent your life with? Can you continue to live a happy life, when your past haunts you? These are the issues, the main characters of the musical, ’Rebecca’ have to face. The story, based on the novel by Daphne du Maurier, can be considered either a psycho thriller or a gloomy love story. A young girl, whose name is unknown, falls for a wealthy gentleman, Mr. De Winter. He marries her, then they start their life at his mansion in Cornwall, Manderley. They can’t have their happy ending though, because of the first wife, Rebecca. Although she is dead, her presence is still very strong in the house, on top of which the evil housekeeper, Mrs. Danvers tortures the new Mrs. De Winter every now and then.
The directing of Attila Béres focuses on the mystery and the shadows which keep the couple from happiness. The colors on the stage are always black or dark blue. Besides, clouds can be seen even in the house. However, the presence of the sea-ghosts ridicules this whole meant-to-be-scary atmosphere. The actors are doing a really great job. Every little feeling can be seen on their faces. It’s truly easy to feel for them, it doesn’t really matter who the main character is: the naïve ‘I’, the struggling husband, or the evil of the play, Mrs. Danvers.
All in all, this musical performance at the Operett in Budapest is worth watching, and not only for those who are fond of musicals, since the story works on many different levels. You can find the elements of crime and love stories, and those of psycho-thrillers as well. There is spectacular scenery, great actors, mystery to be uncovered, and love overcoming all obstacles. Everything in a basket which definitely leads to success!

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