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Welcome and thank you for visiting Pázmány EDZine (English Department Magazine). We are thrilled to announce that with this blog post we are launching the English Department’s new project, this Magazine-like blog-journal. In EDZine we are going to write about ourselves to tell the interested what we are up to. OK, in other words what fun we have during our long or short stay at the department.

The Pázmány EDZine aims to cover some of our interests, it reflects some disciplinary divisions at the department, or rather represents how colourful we are. We are going to place our blog posts into four major categories, such as “Films & Books”–about films and books we have watched and read; “Culture & Theatre ”–about the theatrical and cultural phenomena we have encountered; “Education”–our Teaching MA students’ contribution; and lastly a “Research” blogroll that reflects the research of our MA and PhD students. We are also going to post short video interviews with people who have received their degrees at our department.

Besides being happy to announce EDZine, we also have a request. We would like EDZine to turn into a lively and vibrant digital zone where we try to trace the many-sided, colourful and ever changing reality of the English Department. This purpose cannot be reached unless you comment on blog posts and send us (at the moment to Gabriella Reuss or Zsolt Almási) your short writings to be turned into posts on this site.

Happy reading, writing and commenting!

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