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Vivien Bozóki

I am an English major undergraduate at Pázmány. My specialization is translation, and I love literature and theatre. I’m also interested in movies, tales, cultures, architecture and I’m keen on psychology. I have a passion that for some reason I’ve been hiding for a long time, but recently I decided to reveal it, and this passion is for self-development  – or any kind of development in fact. I believe this enthusiasm comes from my urge to help people, to fix things and to solve problems, but I’m still looking for an occupation in which these urges can become actions.

Balázs Zsuzsanna 

I am an MA student specializing in Postcolonial Studies at PPCU. I completed a BA Programme in Italian Studies with a minor in English in 2015. Since 2012, I have been doing research on the various exciting influences of Italian authors (mostly Dante, Castiglione, Vico, and Pirandello) on the works of W. B. Yeats. My primary focus is on Yeats’s drama, but to some extent I deal with his poetry and prose work as well. In my blog posts, I usually write about the prospects or the results of my recent research on one of these Italian influences, and I also touch upon other interesting topics concerning Irish studies, Ireland, and Yeats, such as reports of my travels in Ireland and the promotion of various events related to Irish studies. I hope you will find my posts of interest. Happy reading!

BallaKingaBalla Kinga

I started out as an eager student of everything connected to English, later choosing to focus on literature and theatre. Apart from trying to actively participate in extra-curricular events (department eves, Christmas parties, excursions) I was and I still am a “Brown Cow”, a member of the English language drama group originating from the university. I graduated in 2014 and continued studying English at ELTE, although I am always happy to return to Piliscsaba.

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Barczi Tamás

Hi, my name is Tamás, and I am English major student here at Pázmány. I have decided to join this blogging course to outlive my urges for writing. I enjoy researching about utopias and prophetic aspects of science fiction literature. In such books the reader may encounter post-apocalyptic themes and scenery, where the protagonists face their quests in ruined cities, abandoned sewers, burnt down factories. In fact these places provide a very strong atmospheric background to certain scenes. Surprisingly though, these mise-en-scenes exist in the real world too, and there is a sport to explore them. This is called urban exploration or urbex. As you possibly suspect by now, my posts will mostly be about urbex, and scifi, picture posts, book or film reviews, and own short stories. I hope some of these will catch your imagination and lure you into some exploration as well.

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Bödecs Rebeka

Dear viewers! I am a second year English major at Pázmány university. Being a somewhat shy and introvert person, I am not overly eager to expose my no doubt extremely valuable thoughts for all to see. However hopefully the opportunity to write and upload movie reviews will help me to become more practiced and confident. I  am looking forward to the experience. My passion is reading, yet here I settled for producing movie reviews, more precisely, reviews of movies, which have a written counterpart, which I have not read. Yet! Usually I prefer to read first and watch a film later, because I find that my imagination works much better that way, but this often leads to disappointment concerning book-based films. I am eager to find out what happens if I turn things upside down. So far this method made me read the classics. I am looking forward to share my experiences with you!
IFFekete Imre
I am a student editor and occasional author to some blog posts of EDZine. I recived my BA degree in English Philology in 2013 followed by a Teacher’s MA degree in 2016. I’m a more than frequent theatre goer and I’m especially interested in modern aspects of pedagogy (e.g. blended learning) as well as contemporary detective fiction and contemporary Hungarian literature. As a teacher of English as a foreign language and Hungarian Literature and Grammar, I am somewhat interested in the process of literary tranlastion, too.
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Gombás Krisztina
Hi there! I’m Kriszti Gombás, a 22 year-old student with English major and History minor. As a regular theatregoer I’m eager to deepen my knowledge in the field of theatres. Mine main interests are the method of analyzing.  For this very reason, dear visitors, here you can find my writings about various stage performances, mainly focusing on musicals. I’m gonna write reviews bringing you the latest theatre news, and giving you a little insight of what exactly Theatre in Education is. If you are fond of theatres, just like me, you are more than welcome to return and read my posts week by week!
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Kassai Zita

I am a 23-year-old student currently completing my second year of MA in English Studies at Pázmány Péter Catholic University, and I am working on an essay to be submitted at the next OTDK. The aim of my research is to investigate the notion of writing as deception in William Wycherley’s Restoration comedy The Country Wife, and, in order to introduce my reader to a larger context, to provide a survey of the relevant critical studies written in the last few decades on The Country Wife. In my blog posts I am going to record the various stages of this project, including my struggles with the secondary sources I find in the course of the research.

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Labundy Kati

Having finished the BA program in English and American literature in 2012 I am now completing my MA studies in the same field, both following and advancing the main theme of my BA thesis paper, namely the relationship between literature and visual culture with an exclusive attention paid to cinematic adaptations. This term I will be examining women’s experience in Jean Rhys’ Wide Sargasso Sea and in Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre represented on screen while questioning the significance of a male point of view in the rewriting process. I am hoping for a productive next few weeks in this blog and happy to welcome contributions from anyone interested in the project.

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Mogyorósi Zoltán

Hello there, I am an MA student in English studies. My fields are translation theory and culture theory, as I have been dealing with literary translation for years now. In my BA thesis I was analysing the Hungarian translation of Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction from the aspects of general problems in film translation. Nowadays I am rather focusing on translating poetry and studying the theoretical and practical problems I have to face. All in all I invite you to a journey where we will explore the mysterious and mutable world of literary translation. Join me, I dare you, I double dare you!

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Szelényi Annie

My name is Anna Szelényi, and I am an MA student in English studies. As a child, Disney movies, the Grimm’s collected folktales and Andersen’s fairytales played a central role in the way I perceived the world. Nothing has really changed since then, except that through my university studies in English literature I had the opportunity to deal with these stories on an academic level and in the end, as a BA thesis, I chose to write about Lewis Carroll’s Alice novels and the search for identity. In this blog, I would like to continue analysing and gaining better understanding of fairytales and fiction, and to also share these thoughts with those, who similarly cherish their childhood stories.In Neil Gaiman’s latest novel, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, the protagonist poses the following question: “Why [don’t] adults want to read about Narnia, about secret islands and smugglers and dangerous fairies?”

Vékási Adél

My name is Adél and I am currently working on getting my master’s degree in English literature here at Pázmány. I am passionate about social justice issues, video games, the evolution of literary traditions, and the novels of Terry Pratchett, and I try to focus on these areas whenever I get the opportunity to choose a new research topic. You might be familiar with my post “Discworld: A Story about Stories” from last semester, where I offered a peek into my research about Terry Pratchett’s Witches Abroad, or “Plato’s Photos: tourist and event photography,” where I reflected on Susan Sontag’s essay “In Plato’s Cave.” This semester, I will be sharing my findings and ideas about choices in video games in a series of posts titled “At a Crossroads: Meaningful Choices in Video Games,” the first of which you may find here.

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