The Notre Dame Glee Club in Concert

harmony_bannerNotre Dame Glee Club hangverseny_plakátRecognized as one of the best all-male choirs of the US and having a 100-year-long history, the Notre Dame Glee Club  is soon to arrive at Budapest on their one-month European tour to sing for us (free!) at 7pm, after the 6 o’clock mass on Tuesday, 26th May in Matthias Church, heart of the Buda Castle. Following the concerts at Florence and Ljubljana but before the ones in Vienna and Cambridge, their Budapest program introduces this semi-professional choir of students as quite open-minded: the concert in Hungary starts with European and American Church music, continues with Russian Orthodox pieces to conclude with spirituals. Check out the record of their Ave Maria sung in an absolutely informal context, without a church setting, singers in shorts and colour T-shirts; yet, their voice creates a breathtakingly elevated atmosphere. Do not miss out on the jazzy title song from their 2012 CD, On the Rocky Road to Dublin in which their sense of humour sparkles too. Do come along on Tuesday!

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